I’ve heard it said that there are always two sides to a story: There’s the official history, the version that’s set into the page, then filed away in the archives where it waits for when the librarian comes to retrieve the facts to footnote some learned paper or discourse. Then there’s the way an individual remembers the event; that version sits like an old woman on a lonely porch, creaking back and forth in her wicker rocker as she waits for a visitor.

I think there’s a third version as well: that of the feral child, escaping from between the lines, from between how it’s said the story went and how it truly took place.


photo credit

passage from “A Tempest in Her Eyes” by Charles de Lint


4 thoughts on “There are Always Two Sides

  1. I like that. Charles de Lint has a way with words. Pity I’m not that much into urban fantasy. Also, de Lint’s books aren’t available where I live. Is “A Tempest in her Eyes” part of the Newford series?

    1. Isn’t it? I noticed in reading his short story collection that he tends to have really strong openings (these were the first two paragraphs) and then switch to a different tone for the rest of the story. So I think he’s better in novels, except for those openings.

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