I didn’t realise until today that another week has flown by! So it was time to try recording a video about my knitting; this was all new territory to me, so I followed the structure most of the knitting podcasts I watch seem to use, and I’m sure I’ll be tweaking things in future. But everyone must begin at the beginning, and here’s mine.

As I mentioned in the video, I won’t be typing up detailed podcast notes, mainly because it would be duplicating what’s already easily available via my Ravelry account. I adore Ravelry; it’s a marvel of cross-referenced databases and hive mind knowledge and fiber-y goodness. I make extensive use of the notes features on most of my projects, and always record yarn/needle size/etc, so just visit my projects page or stash page to get the specifics of anything.

In the future, I’ll plan ahead and have nice photographs of all of the projects and yarn I discuss, that I will include in this post. For today though, it’s now after sunset, so I can’t do anything about that now. Actually, this will be a good incentive to remember to pull out my camera to record my knitting as it happens, instead of just relying on the vagaries of the iphone camera and instagram editing!

I will work on improving my lighting situation. My apartment is actually full of natural light all day, thanks to a wall of windows; however that wall is perpendicular to my computer, so I have to close the blinds in order to not appear in silhouette when recording in front of it and then turn on a nearby lamp to compensate. I’ll see if there’s a simple way to move my computer around so that I face the windows instead, but considering said computer is a 23″ iMac, it might not be possible. I suppose I could switch the bulb in the lamp from the warm yellow I enjoy in the evenings to a daylight bulb for more true colours; I’ll try that for next time at least.

Please feel free to leave any feedback or suggestions for future videos!  I’m recording these to share with you, not simply to hear myself talk, so I’m happy to make changes. I’m a detail oriented knitter who loves tweaking and modifying and planning, and loves hearing about others doing such things, but I’m not sure is such an interest is common. Do let me know where you’d like me to land on the specific to general continuum when discussing projects; believe it or not I trod the middle path when talking about my finished sweater, for instance!


20 thoughts on “Knitting Video (Podcast): Episode the First

      1. I was thinking more the jargon and technique execution details rather than the visual, since I’m not so much of a knitter myself. I’d love to have some knitted socks though. I learned to crochet long ago and only got the basics. Maybe I could try that again someday.

    1. Thank you Brittney! I really enjoy Stitched in Sweden & Maria has been knitting for much longer than me, so I take that as a great compliment. 😀

  1. Yay, how fun! I really liked seeing and hearing about all the projects and yarn that flits through my Instagram feed. The socks and sweater, in particular, are gorgeous. And Thistle…so adorable 🙂

    Question: Is there a secret place on Ravelry where destashing happens?? It sounds like you get all kinds of great stuff there, but I can’t figure out how… thanks!

    1. Thanks so much Erin! I’m glad you enjoyed it; Thistle is pretty cute. Except when she’s rolling in smelly stuff. hehe

      I giggled at the idea of a secret Ravelry destash! All I do is go to page of the yarn that I’m interested in, then click on the ‘stashes’ tab. By default, Rav shows the ‘will trade or sell’ yarns first, but you can also change the search to only show ‘will trade or sell’; sometimes I’ll also narrow it down by colour family if I have an idea in mind there. 🙂 Most members listed the price & whether it includes shipping in the notes, so it’s pretty easy to get an idea of whether or not a particular listing fits into my budget (the price per skein varies quite a bit). Then I just message them with any questions, and my zip if shipping is separate for an estimate (usually lower than an online store), and once that’s sorted out, I Paypal them the money using the ‘goods or services’ option, and they send me the yarn. I’ve only had good experiences so far, although I was certainly nervous the first time!

      Let me know if that helped you out enough or if you’d like more specifics. Usually once I find a listing I’m interested in, I click on the colourway and view the rest of the stashed yarn & finished projects in that colourway, to get a better feel for how it’s going to look in person.

      1. Ooh! Thank you!! That helped a TON. I kept looking for a group or tab or something, but this is way easier. And the tip about clicking on the colorway is great. It’s amazing how different one color can look across lighting situations and projects and dye lots!

        How exciting — I’ve already found a few things I’m eyeing! I can see where this knowledge could be dangerous for one’s budget though… 🙂

        1. Just chipping in to say I’ve often sold yarn via the Yarn Overload group on Ravelry. They had a good number of postings and fair and honest group members. I have not yet had a bad experience.

          I feel it is nice especially if you do not know what you are looking for and just want to see what someone may have to offer. Good Luck!

        1. Yay! I hope it goes as well for you as it has for me! And yes; it can be dangerous, hence my little ‘rules’ for myself. Otherwise I want to buy everything right away, before someone else can. ;D

        2. I accidentally ordered yarn for three different projects…but I have plans for all three, and they’re at the top of my queue! Plus it’s been sooooo long since I bought really nice yarn to knit for myself, and these are colors that seem to be out of stock lots of places new. And like you said…what if someone else gets it first?? Ok, enough with the justifications. I figure NOW I’ll make some rules 🙂

          Two of the three packages shipped this morning, last one should go out tomorrow. Yippeeeee!

  2. I loved watching you describe your knitting process.Ive enjoyed seeing all your projects on Instagram your socks, sweaters yummy wool you use.Hearing you talk about it made knitting come alive.
    I also enjoy your book videos fun seeing what you pick& I have found quite a few to add to my list.

    1. Thanks Rhonda! I’m so glad you enjoy both types of videos & that you’re adding books to your list. Perhaps eventually I’ll convert you to knitting!

  3. I guess I love hearing you talk about just about anything, because I really enjoyed watching this knitting video as much as your bookish ones. 🙂 I really am so impressed with the alacrity with which you are able to knit and the quality of your FOs. Back when I was in cooler climes, I knit a few scarves and hats that I was proud of, but I wasn’t so great with knitting things that required blocking and lots of careful planning of sizing. I can’t believe that you not only knit up cardigans and sweaters that look so good but that you’re creating your own patterns for them as well. You are one knitting badass! 😀

    1. You are so nice Steph!!! I’m grinning from your comment. 😀 I imagine Playa del Carmen does not require many woolies, hehe.

      My knitting speed has really picked up this year, both actual stitches/minute, and the amount of time I can spend a day knitting before my hands protest. I’ve mixed feelings about that; it’s fun to get to more projects but does mean my yarn budget has climbed compared to last year! There are so many great knitting reference books, they make it easy to plan your own sweaters. Designing my own stuff is definitely my very favourite style of knitting; it’s such a great combo of left brain (algebraic word problems for the win!) and right brain (artistic touches!). Funnily enough though, I’ve yet to design any socks for myself! There are hundreds of free patterns or great sock books at my library, so instead I enjoy matching up yarn with patterns instead.

  4. Well, I’ve been saving watching this for a time when I just really needed to de-stress and actually could steal half an hour for myself. Argh…but the video just keeps stopping, which is not de-stressing me at all! 😛 Oh how I hate our internet provider! Anyway, I really enjoyed what I was able to see so far (about 7 minutes in, I think). I’d never heard of intarsia in knitting before you mentioned it on Instagram the other day. I was confused at first, because my uncle does intarsia, but it’s a form of wood inlaying (he makes amazing things!).
    I guess I shall just have to wait for another time to watch the rest. And hey, I should look at the bright side (I’ve got more video to look forward to!) instead of being annoyed that I couldn’t watch it all now, huh?

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