I thought I’d made this clear in my last bookish post, but I must have deleted that sentence when I was rearranging paragraphs, so I wanted to add a little something on my feelings about growing up.

I absolutely love getting older! I’m terribly excited to be turning thirty in just under six months, and I would cry if you told me I had to be younger again. I do miss the comraderie of my college years; I went to a tiny residential liberal arts college, and so I was surrounded by lots of potential friends all of the time. I would not want to be surrounded by college students now, but I would love if my apartment building was suddenly full of my peers, all eagerly wanting to forge relationships, the way college was. Luckily, I have the internet, so I find my peers that way instead. With that one exception, I don’t miss anything about being younger.

So cheers to getting older! I just felt the need to add a postscript, since the comments I received made me realise I hadn’t made that clear.

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