It’s time to delve back into my knitting basket! So bring out your own crafting project, take a seat, and listen to a bit about my finished projects, current projects, and unpacking my notions bag.

In lieu of detailed episode notes, I’ll direct you to my Ravelry project page, from which you can find any yarn and pattern specifics that might have caught your eye (or friend me for that matter). If you’d like to follow along with my projects, I post frequently knitting photos on Instagram; my account is thecharmofit.

I reviewed Twisted Stitch Knitting by Maria Erlbacher and recommended the Knit.FM podcast. I mentioned my book blogging friends Erin and Care. My notions bag included a Lantern Moon repair hook, these embroidery scissors, removable stitch markers, this ruler (which I learned about on Hunter Hammersen’s blog), an utterly lame tape measure that needs replacing, and some vintage bits from my great grandmother. The bag itself is this pouch from The Strand Bookstore. The smaller bag is a Tom Bihn mini pouch.

Current Projects

Wintry Woods Tam-1

Wintry Woods Tam

Strong Currents Socks-1Strong Currents Socks

Antiquarian Scarf-1Antiquarian Scarf

Finished Projects


Melusine Cardigan

Cloudy With a Chance of Kittens Gloves


8 thoughts on “Knitting Video (Podcast) 5: Notions and More

  1. Eva, lovely podcast. I really enjoy watching and listening. I too love how you name your projects, very creative. Hope you feel better. Take care.


  2. So pleased to see a new post … we were beginning to fret …

    Being chronically ill is exhausting … if only thinking about how to work around / with it …
    I have multiple sclerosis so I know …

    You always sound purposeful & that I think helps … we cannot do everything but there are things we can do … ever onward …

    Anne in Cambridge (the U.K. one)

    1. Hi Annie! Really, I’m not the most regular of bloggers, so no need to fret if I go awhile between posts. 😉

      I’m so sorry you have MS; I completely agree that coping with a chronic illness is exhausting all on its own. And yes; I do try to focus on what I can do instead of everything that I can’t. But I do allow myself the occasional wallow, rather than trying to be relentlessly upbeat!

  3. I love how your cardigan turned out! It is beautiful and I am very impressed that you created it yourself! I am yet to knit a sweater or cardigan, so it still seems like witchcraft to me!

    As far as notions go, I have a tiny pouch that I tuck into my project bags when I’m on the go, or it just hangs out on my nightstand. It’s got all the basics, needles, tape measure, scissors, markers, just all cute and tiny. I’m a fairly monogamous knitter so I don’t worry about having multiple bags or whatever. One tool I have that may help you is a little Clover Chibi plastic needle holder tube that I put my tapestry needles in. I have four large 2.75 inch needles in there with room to spare. It’s so helpful for keeping them all together and being easy to find in your bag. For some reason I have a second one, and would be willing to send it to you if you would like it. Other then that, maybe a little felt book for holding your needles so you don’t loose them but don’t need a separate pouch for them?

    And a non knitting related question, if you don’t mind sharing, I’m curious what you do for work/what you went to school for? My guess is English or History, based off your bookish posts, which aren’t horribly broad guesses or anything… 🙂

    Lastly, a little suggestion for filming your podcasts? I really like it when the camera is closer, like when you sat on the edge of the chair to talk and show things it was so much better – just more focused on you and then I could see details of things that you were showing. However, I totally understand the need to sit back due to your flare up and that logistics of setting up a camera in a limited space may not allow that, but just a suggestion!

    1. Hi Sarah!

      Your comment was caught in moderation, because it was your first time posting. After this any future comments should show up straight away. 🙂 Thanks so much for the feedback re: filming. I tried several different locations because I wasn’t sure which worked best for viewers, so I’ll go back to being closer to the camera for future podcasts, unless my health won’t allow it. Most of the time I can sit in a computer chair for an hour; last week was just an especially atrocious flare up. Anyway, I definitely welcome any future suggestions you might have too.

      A tapestry needle tube sounds so helpful! More efficient than a whole pouch just to corral them. If you don’t mind sending it to me, that would be very generous, but I know post offices can be a hassle, so I’ll let you think about your offer a bit more before taking you up on it. 😉 I like the felt needle book idea too. Thank you! And I was a monogamous knitter for my first year or so; I still get twitchy if I have more than 4 projects on the go at once. hehe

      I doubled majored in international relations & modern languages (Russian and French) in college, because I intended to work for the US State Department before my health dissolved. I’ve always been a bookworm, though. I just didn’t enjoy my high school English classes very much, having to analyse books instead of just enjoy them, hence why I avoided lit classes in college. If it was feasible, I would have had about twelve different majors, including history for sure! I was fortunate enough to go to a liberal arts school & I just love the whole philosophy it encapsulates. What did you study? And are you on Ravelry? Thanks for the cardigan compliment; I viewed sweater knitting as witchcraft before I finished one too! It still feels magical to me, in a way that hats and scarves don’t. hehe When you decide you want to try it for yourself, I highly recommend Amy Herzog as a wonderful resource!

  4. Ah, I see. My phone has betrayed me many times before, so I am quick to blame it. I suppose I owe it an apology this time.

    I don’t mind sending you the needle holder, it’s just taking up space in my tiny notions pouch since I don’t know what else to do with it! Of course no promises on timeliness of its delivery, it will probably sit around in my To Do pile for a week – minimum! You can email me your address to sarahshepherd 963 @ gmail . com and I’ll get it to you “pronto” 😉

    Neat majors! And I totally sympathize about English classes… I love to read, but hated reading the way teachers wanted me to. I majored in Therapeutic Recreation, I was in such a rush to get done though, I wish I could re-do college and only take classes that are really interesting to me. But that is what I am doing with my life now, pursing interests on my own!

    I’ve got tackling a sweater on my list of knitting goals for next year – I just bought a skein of the yarn I think I want to use to test out! Eek! I will definitely need to check her out – I am pretty petite so I am terrified of working on a sweater only to end up drowning in it. So modifications will need to be my friend!

    1. Oh thanks! And I giggled at the idea of a week being a ‘delay’ in mailing; I usually take at least a month before I start to feel bad. ;D I’ll email you today; the holiday set me back.

      What a neat major, and how wonderful to be helping people as your job!

      I’m sure your sweater will turn out wonderfully. I’m on the smaller side too, so a lot of paid for patterns sort of size me out. If you don’t want to do the math on your own, you could always generate a CustomFit pattern based on your own measurements and whatever gauge you end up liking from that swatch. I definitely plan on trying on that service one of these days! I just need to get my mom or sister to take all of the measurements I need while I’m home for Christmas (downside of living alone, hehe). 😉

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