It’s time to delve back into my knitting basket! So bring out your own crafting project, take a seat, and listen to a bit about my finished projects, current projects, and unpacking my notions bag.

In lieu of detailed episode notes, I’ll direct you to my Ravelry project page, from which you can find any yarn and pattern specifics that might have caught your eye (or friend me for that matter). Here is my queue and stash, in case you want more information about my new acquisitions or the patterns I plan to make for Christmas. There’s now a Ravelry group; I’d love to ‘meet’ my viewers! I’d also love it if you shared any advice or encouragement for aspiring knitters on the thread for this episode. If you’d like to follow along with my projects, I post frequently knitting photos on Instagram; my account is thecharmofit.

I mentioned Stranded Knits by Ann Kingstone, the Knitting Pretty audio podcast and the artalong Em is currently running, and the JKnit Lite app. I plan to do a detailed post in a few days including lots of tips and links and resources for aspiring knitters, but in the meantime I suggested Malabrigo Worsted yarn, bamboo needles (size 7, 16″ circular), and Elizabeth Zimmerman. I was wearing my Au Printemps jacket, which fits quite well when I’m not slouching in an easy chair. 😉

Current Projects

Nutmeg ShawlA Pinch of Nutmeg Shawl

SlothBradypus Variegatus

Marzipan SocksMarzipan SocksSoaring BeretSoaring to the Heavens Beret


Finished Objects

Remembrance SwallowtailA Swallowtail for Remembrance

Wintry Woods Tam

Antiquarian Scarf

Strong Currents Socks


9 thoughts on “Knitting Video (Podcast) 6: For the Aspiring Knitter

  1. I want that hat too! It’s so beautiful. I love the leaf patter too for the next hat. It seemed to me awhile back that all the newbie projects were scarfs and I didn’t really want to make lots and lots of scarves. A hat sounds like perfect. I do have a very old project scarf that I made when I was in college. It’s too short though. I couldn’t wrap it around, so I just left it in a box. Do you think blocking might help?

    1. Is it wool? If so, blocking will probably help it. Especially if you pin it to the length you want! If it’s acrylic, I don’t think it’ll get any longer. Yep; I think if I’d started out with scarves I wouldn’t have become such a fan of knitting. 😉

  2. Great video, Eva. Thanks so much for the pep talk! It was very encouraging and helpful! So, at your suggestion, I have purchased bamboo needles and some yarn and gotten to work watching Youtube videos. I also checked out some knitting books. So far I’ve become proficient at casting on and have been trying out whether Continental or English knitting feels most comfortable. So far I’m equally okay (a little bad) at both! I’ve just been doing the garter stitch in a square to get practice but did get some knit washcloth patterns from my aunt. When I’m feeling more adventurous I might attempt one of those. I had to laugh when you said you have perfectionist tendencies because I do too. I think that has been one of the things holding me back from learning knitting. I want to do it perfectly the first time and that is such a ridiculous standard to try and meet. So far I’ve been able to let go of that and just focus on the fact it is going to be a process. It has been fun so far and I look forward to learning more. I did join your Ravelry group and save some pattern for future use. I doubt I’ll have much to contribute any time soon but hope I can soak up some knowledge from the rest of you. Thanks again for giving me the nudge I need. And, I would love to see some of your first projects if you have the time.

    1. I’m so glad to hear that Sarah! And look at you, mastering both techniques right away. 🙂 Is your Rav ID Reneesabol ? (I just went through all of the group members and that’s the only one who just joined Ravelry, lol.) I shall add you as a friend.

      I sometimes feel that a huge part of growing up for me was overcoming my perfectionism; I’ve become more mellow with each year. 😉 It took some work to get to where I am now, but it’s so much easier to enjoy life without forcing ridiculously high standards on myself, you know?

      I will try to grab my early projects for a show & tell on a podcast soon. You can always see them by scrolling to the bottom of my project page now, in photos if not video. My stuff is arranged by chronology, so except for the blanket in hibernation, the projects at the bottom were my first. As you can see, I’ve always been a fan of knitting in the round. hehe

    1. Isn’t it (hopefully that doesn’t sound cocky since I followed the designer’s colours & pattern choice almost exactly, lol)? I’m in love with the complicated colours of Shetland yarn. Now if only it weren’t so pricey!

  3. Hi Eva
    I just started watching your podcasts while I do other crafting. (I knit and crochet too, but right now I am hand quilting something).
    You may have clarified in earlier episodes, so sorry if this is a repeat question but when you say you got yarn from “destash” are you talking about a website? Or is there a Ravelry group with that name?
    Thanks for keeping me company while I sew!
    (Summerset on Ravelry)

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