It’s time to delve back into my knitting basket! So bring out your own crafting project, take a seat, and listen to a bit about my current projects and a few of my favourite resources to learn about wardrobe building & personal style.

In lieu of detailed episode notes, I’ll direct you to my Ravelry project page, from which you can find any yarn and pattern specifics that might have caught your eye (or friend me for that matter). Here is my queue and stash, in case you want more information about my (many) new acquisitions or the patterns I plan to make with them. There’s now a Ravelry group; I’d love to ‘meet’ my viewers! If you’d like to follow along with my projects, I post frequently knitting photos on Instagram; my account is thecharmofit.

Podcasts mentioned include Yarnaceuticals , Minerva Turkey , and NH Knits.I talked about my love for my DyakCraft Heavy Metal Interchangeable Needles and my Knitzi, a Christmas gift. Here’s the thrumming tutorial that I found most useful.

Information about twelve season colour analysis:

  • 12 Blueprints (A lot of information, but not in the easiest to access format, since most of it is in quite wordy blog posts.)
  • Truth is Beauty (A good introduction, since it’s more succinct, but it doesn’t have as many examples or get into as much detail.)
  • Visual inspiration from this colour approach:
  • Cate Linden’s Pinterest Account (a different board for each season by a certified colour analyst; you might need to scroll down a bit)
  • Rachel N’s Pinterest Account (ditto)

Personal style inspiration/help:

Resources for Wardrobe Building Practicalities:

Current Projects

Castles in the Sky Shawl

PostImpressionist Mitts-1

Post Impressionist Mitts

Folksy Leg Warmers

Sister Grace Muff-1.jpg

A Handwarmer for Sister Grace

Loamy Fields Socks-1

Loamy Fields Socks


2 thoughts on “Knitting Podcast Episode 12: Wardrobe Building

  1. Great to see the photos of your knitwear in a presented outfit.
    I often wear a fitted bodice with a full skirt or Oxford bag trousers …

    Cdn Anne in Cambridge (the U.K. one)

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