It’s time to delve back into my knitting basket! So bring out your own crafting project, take a seat, and listen to a bit about my current projects, finished projects, and my answers to a few viewers’ questions.

In lieu of detailed episode notes, I’ll direct you to my Ravelry project page, from which you can find any yarn and pattern specifics that might have caught your eye (or friend me for that matter). Here is my queue and stash, in case you want more information about future plans or what’s hiding in my cupboards. There’s also a Ravelry group; I’d love to ‘meet’ my viewers! If you’d like to follow along with my projects, I post frequently knitting photos on Instagram; my account is thecharmofit.


  • Creating a Light, the blog containing all of the information about my friend Chris’ wonderful project to help keep his father’s spirits up through another round of chemo.
  •, the resource that Claire (TipsyTurtle on Ravelry) kindly told me about.
  • Stitched in Sweden, the video podcast I mentioned.


  • Hild by Nicole Ammonite is the novel I read from & highly recommend
  • The Knitter’s Book of Yarn and The Knitter’s Book of Wool, both by Clara Parkes
  • Women’s Work: the First 10,000 Years is the nonfiction history w a textile focus
  • The Brides of Rollrock Island (Titled Sea Hearts in the UK & Australia & maybe elsewhere) by Margo Lanagan is the Selkie-inspired novel

Finished Objects

Red as Blood Beret

Grumpasaurus Mascot

Works in Progress

Blueberry Girl Cowl-1.jpg

Blueberry Girl Cowl

PostImpressionist Mitts-1.jpg

Post Impressionist Mitts

Winter Morn Gloves-1.jpg

Winter Morn Gloves

Selkie Cardigan-1.jpg

A Selkie’s Second Skin Cardigan



6 thoughts on “Knitting Podcast 14: This and That

    1. I usually have 3-5 projects going; it’s better for my hands if I alternate between yarn weights & needle size & stitch type. 🙂 I’m becoming more and more fond of beadwork with each project it seems!

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